Travel Info
If you are in Baghdad and you want travel to anywhere via Baghdad international airport you should now that there is 6 check points before terminal this why you have to be there 3 hours before departure time and when you want to go to airport you should go only by personal car or taxi.

If you are In erbil and you want travel via erbil international airport you have to be there 2hours or more before departure time because there is 2 check points before terminal and sometimes this check points are so busy you can arrive to airport by personal car or taxi or special airport taxi there is no buss from city center to airport, also you should have ticket paper or ticket photo.

Istanbul airport called (Atatürk international airport) there just one check point before check in area Istanbul is very big and touristic city this why you can go to airport by Metro (subway) from 08:00AM till 23:59AM and also you can go there by personal car or normal city taxi in Istanbul some hotels also have service to arrive you to airport, 2 hours before departure you should make you check-in , in Atatürk airport there is so many coffees and restaurants and big shopping areas that you can see it after you did your check-in , also you have to take with you ticket paper or photo of ticket.

Arlanda is one of the big airports in Sweden, if you want travel from Stockholm (Arlanda airport) you should be there 2 hours before departure, you can go to airport by taxi, bus or personal car also you can go there by train, there is no any check points before check-in but after you did your check-in there is one check point after check-in, in Stockholm (arlanda) airport you should have ticket paper or ticket photo.

Travelling with Family

Travelling with the family means being much more prepared and organized than usual. The best thing you can do is to make a list of all the situations you need to be prepared for, especially if you are going to be accompanied by one or more lovable, tiny-bodied space hogs. That way you can make sure your holiday is under control and comfortable right from the start.
Make sure your children have their own backpack filled with their books, colorings pens, coloring book or notepad. That way, when they get bored they can entertain themselves.
Travelling with children is always more difficult. To avoid hitches, try to arrive at the airport at least 2 or 3 hours before the flight.
To get through security checks as quickly possible, it's best to ensure that neither you or your children are wearing any jewelry or accessories.
Please take a good look at the restrictions on liquids, which apply to liquid baby food, syrups and any other kind of liquids you may need during the journey.
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